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Twitter Marketing – Creating Quality Leads in 140 Keys

Twitter, the world’s leading micro-blogging site, is an excellent platform for making contact with business decision makers, who use Twitter to update and be updated, to enrich their knowledge and to interact with other users based on mutual interests. These professionals, who are essentially potential B2B customers active on Twitter, update and share content and opinions. Using this information gives marketing professionals the chance to easily, quickly and directly engage with their target audience. Twitter allows marketers to build relationships and impact decision makers- all in real time.

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

Marketing on Twitter- Why?

Using its built in advantage of being real-time, Twitter has become a space for networking, sharing, obtaining information and searching for professionals. Twitter allows you to reach new audiences, create business and marketing opportunities, and strengthen existing customer relationships. It allows the users to track what’s going on in a specific content world (from news to obtaining market intelligence), to resolve problems and receive immediate response.


Twitter online advertising is crucial for businesses who operate in internationally, offering access to over 270 million active users, with a 24% annual growth in twits (based on 2014 figures). In North America and Western Europe, using Twitter is as common as using Facebook. This is where your global target audience is, including private consumers in the B2C realm and key personnel in the B2B realm.


And in Israel? The Israeli Twitter is not as vibrant, but still you mustn’t neglect Twitter marketing from your online marketing and social media marketing efforts, which may include LinkedIn marketing. The Israeli Twitter-sphere may be small compared to Facebook, but it holds a potential for marketers, as it includes opinion makers in various fields as technology, communications, politics and sports.

What Does Effective Quality Twitter Marketing Entail?

  • Building a community of users focused around your brand and content world.
  • Distributing relevant, unique and quality content to your target audience and increasing your online business presence.
  • Creating business opportunities and obtaining leads.
  • Reaching business and marketing conclusions using monitoring activities.

Business Networking Using Twitter – A Targeted Quality Community

A key advantages of marketing with Twitter is the ability to create a business opportunity through a dialogue with your target audience; this fast, personal, immediate interaction is not dependent on “friendships” or “groups” (speaking the Facebook lingo). With users who showed interest in your product, service or content world, business networking is available, easier, and more personal than in other social networks.


Business networking using Twitter begins by intelligently creating a focused community, first by increasing the number of followers on your Twitter business account. We offer effective targeting of your target audience using:

  • Comprehensive competitors’ research, including how they utilize Twitter.
  • Finding relevant phrases to your content world.
  • Identifying opinion leaders in your content world.
  • Specifically selecting your potential customers.


Once we define your target audience, we begin the marketing process, by creating contact with the professional decision makers on Twitter, from the get-go of the marketing funnel. Because Twitter users use the network driven by an urge to learn, be updated and create ongoing relationships based on mutual interest, the marketing activity in Twitter must be based on quality and relevant content.

Content is the King. Twitter is the Kingdom

Quality content is the foundation of internet marketing, and Twitter is considered the leading medium for spreading content. Many users who wish to be constantly updated on their topics of choice, from sports, to news and gossip, immediately turn to Twitter for real time, fast updates using their mobile phone. They would usually prefer to find a reliable source for the information they seek, especially in business settings.


This is a critical fact for businesses who aspire to be relevant, up to date, holding a strong image in the eyes of the target audience and raising awareness by offering value added content: business blogs, professional articles and visual content such as photos, info-graphics, preservations and videos.

Twitter Lead Generation

Spreading relevant, quality content that appeals to your target audience is crucial in raising brand awareness and obtaining quality leads on Twitter. In 2013 Twitter conducted a research on how B2B high-tech companies market themselves on Twitter; the results revealed that not only did the Twitter activity increase the number of visits to their websites but it also improved the conversion rate. While the average conversion rate in technology companies website was around 4%, for users who originated from Twitter it was 11%, nearly three times higher!


Exposure to Twits not only increases website traffic and brand awareness, but also creates quality leads for B2B businesses. When marketing on Twitter with Daze Marketing, we focus on offering real value to potential customers, while including call for action: signing up to newsletters, webinars, offering free content, and invitations to conventions, meetings and more.

Monitoring on Twitter- Keeping the Fingers on the Pulse

Quality marketing using twitter begins by understating the lingo, the needs, and the nature of the conversation with your target audience. Using the Twitter tools, from advanced search options, through designated applications and hangouts, you can “listen” to your target audience and monitor the information in the industry you operate in.


Monitoring and following the conversations and interactions between Twitter users in your relevant business sector, and their comments about competing products and services, allows you to join the conversation, creating active presence and influencing public opinion in the matter. By monitoring activity on Twitter, you can react to crisis, create conversations with potential customers, increase business networking and obtain leads.


Furthermore, the information you track on Twitter can help you reach real time marketing decisions and understand the needs and preferences of your customers. Effective marketing on Twitter should also include using additional analysis tools, such as Google Analytics and HootSuite. These tools, along with the information received through Twitter, offer decision makers a detailed picture, including how followers were added to removed, the strength of the brand online, the need for additional marketing activity, etc.

Paid Twitter Advertising

Twitter offers advertisers attractive paid advertising that is geared towards increasing exposure and brand awareness, but also answers to other goals, such as increasing the number of followers, encouraging engagement from both followers and non-followers, and obtaining quality leads.


Twitter has recently upgraded its advertising mechanisms and opened it to small and medium size businesses in the Israeli market. Capabilities include quality measurement (including conversion rates) and more accurate targeting. You can now select the target audience based on specific keywords and hangouts, interests, followers of certain profiles, and even TV preferences! In addition you can tailor and match the advertising to a specific audience, based on distribution lists or site visitors.


Generally, Twitter advertising can be divided into three main categories:

  • Promoting a profile to increase followers– highly recommended for increasing brand awareness, especially in the initial phases of marketing on Twitter. Paid advertising on Twitter will help you create a highly focused organic target audience who will receive the company’s twits in the long run. This paid add is normally located next to Twitter’s recommendations.
  • Promoting specific twits– using paid advertising to increase exposure for a single twit or a series of twits, tailored to the specific product or service and according to the target audience. This is a great way to increase engagement with active twitters. The paid twit is displayed first on the feed of the user.
  • Promotion to directly obtain leads – Twitter offers advertisers a fast and easy way to obtain leads using twits with Lead Generation Cards: creating special twits which include an action button, which, when pressed, lead the user to fill a contact form. The name and email are part of the Twitter database, and are transmitted automatically to the campaign manager for further follow up. In addition, you can create a designated twit to increase conversion on your website or landing page, and follow those conversions using the designated Twitter pixel.

We’ll be happy to offer you a comprehensive online marketing program on Twitter!

Our services at Daze Marketing include:

  • Specific mapping of target audience.
  • Increasing the number of relevant followers and creating a community that surrounds the product.
  • Building a content based twit plan.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Paid advertising on Twitter: creating paid campaigns for obtaining leads and raising awareness.
  • Using analytical tools to measure results.