Twitter Advertising

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Twitter Advertising- Twitting all the Way to Your Marketing Goals!

Twitter, the hidden gem of the online marketing and online advertising world, has yet to be discovered by many companies. It is a powerful tool, combining effective B2B marketing and global audience marketing for B2C companies. From raising awareness, building the brand name, and engaging in sales-supporting discussions, advertising on Twitter offers the ability to reach quality goals all along the marketing funnel, with more leads at its end!

Our Work Process

Market Research

Thorough analysis of market conditions and competitors is the base of a successful campaign.

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals.

Building a Successful Campaign

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP).

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions.


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality.

How is Twitter Advertising Effective for Your Business?

Based on Twitter’s published statistics, 81% of a Twitter account followers are likely to complete actions based on information they received on Twitter. Whether clicking on an ad or a link, re-twit (share) or becoming a lead, Twitter plays a key role in the decision making process of your potential customer, and hence including Twitter in your marketing strategy is important.


Twitter’s uniqueness lays in its ability to create business opportunities through a direct, real time discussion with existing and potential customers. When initiating the discussion is so easy and available, so is the business networking, especially for B2B marketing, which is as simple, convenient and available as LinkedIn marketing. Furthermore, the ease of conversing and sharing makes Twitter an effective tool in international marketing for global companies addressing mass audience.


Twitter marketing is effective in all phases of the marketing funnel, in your social media advertising efforts:


  • Increasing exposure and raising awareness- mainly through professionally building a community of followers, acting as the base for all future Twitter marketing activity.
  • Increasing engagement- by spreading content that provides your target audience value, and help draw quality traffic to your site.
  • Achieving conversions- directly recruiting leads in a single click using Twitter’s advertising tools.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter offers advertisers great promotion options for marketing activity. It offers excellent targeting abilities, which are based on users’ behavior data parameters, and excellent measurement capabilities for evaluating the campaign’s success, measuring everything from exposure to tweets, engagement and conversion rate. Twitter’s monitoring and analytical tools are of high quality, and offer instant, accurate, detailed insights which helps improve your overall marketing activity, not only on Twitter.


You can also utilize existing distribution lists or site visitors’ list by planting a pixel on your website for remarketing purposes, geared to build relevant audience and Lookalike audience. This is in addition to conducting targeting that is based on unique Twitter parameters and/or the target market’s interests. You may use keywords (negative and positive), specific hash-tags, followers’ lists of relevant users, preferences in TV shows, and demographic and geographic parameters.

Raising Awareness- Expanding the Community around the Brand

Advertising on Twitter offers companies the ability to create an organic focused community around the company’s profile. Advertising your Twitter page and specific tweets to a relevant audience that have yet to follow you, can pay off in the long run.


You can view the value of a new relevant follower as an addition to your email distribution list; when the user views his Twitter feed, your messages will be there. Just like in a valuable distribution list, your Twitter follows can become your ambassadors, by actively supporting your product or service and referring other users through their Twitter activity. In online marketing terms- it’s a gold mine.

Increasing Engagement- Making Contact with the Community via Content

Using content for online advertising is not a unique Twitter feature, nevertheless it carries an important role on Twitter. Quality content which offers value is the key to building your relationship with potential customers on Twitter. The best way to maintain a high engagement level is giving people the tweets they want. Rich content of various kinds, such as presentations, videos, articles, etc., offers real added value, fosters real discussions, and creates direct contact between potential customers and the product.


Advertising unique, rich content tweets to your target audience can include product/service offerings, or, can request feedback on the content. These are effective ways to begin an active, positive discussion, and a sense of anticipation and belonging from your target audience.

Achieving Conversions- Creating More Leads through Advertising

Twitter advertising is especially effective in lead generation using tweets that include lead generation cards on the users feed. Those are special tweets that can be used organically or through paid advertising, and include an action button. Clicking the button will automatically leave the user’s details on Twitter’s database.


Twitter lead generation tools are as effective in achieving other types of conversions, such as directing to a site or a landing page in which the user leaves their details, registering for a webinar or special online events, and downloading applications, a popular option considering Twitter’s extensive mobile use.


Are you addressing international markets and interested in advertising on Twitter? Contact Daze Marketing to create a campaign in 140 keys!