“Daze Marketing invested in studying us as a business, and adapted themselves to our needs, both in the campaign goals and in the level of detailed reporting we required. What I like most about Daze Marketing approach is the order; Daze Marketing helped us understand in the organic promotion which action precedes which, what each action entails and what is the expected result. They then helped us produce clear and detailed reports to understand the benefits of those actions.”

Gil Noylander – Marketing Manager


“The key advantage of working with Daze is the daily close guidance, heel to toe, through each and every step of the process. I am the type of person who demands immediate answers, and is eager to understand the processes behind the actions I conduct; with Daze, I found my answers in each step along the way, and a quick, professional response for each question or request relating to the project. Since I started working with Daze I allowed myself to gradually increase my marketing budget, mainly because with them, I know where my money goes and I can see the end result.”

Giora Licht – Founder and CEO of Tmurot College


“Thank you for the professional guidance, the effort and caring during our first steps in the digital world; with you, we have reached our goals. We truly appreciate the hard work and patience that characterize your entire work process.”

Natalie Gvura – CEO


“In addition to the growth in quality leads, the efforts Daze invested in researching our niche market led to unexpected gains. Cellwize launched the Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic and generate relevant sales leads. Through our own channels we were investing in a large-scale job search for international expert engineers. To our surprise, one of our most recent UK hires was actually a direct result of a technical keyword used in an AdWords campaign – which we would never have thought to use to drive awareness. Thanks.”
Miki Weiser-Padova – Corporate Global MarCom Director


“After our regular monthly review/ report of our activities, I really must tell you that the DAZE crew is on the ball.
Their level of reporting and integration of our various online systems with their reporting is excellent – down to a cross-system analysis of each lead we get from multiple systems.
Just wanted to use the opportunity to thank the team at Daze for their hard work, excellent results, friendly dispositions and effective project/customer management.”
Yitzchak Schary – Corporate Communications Manager