Website Optimization- How to Get the Most of Your Website

Without an effective website, which communicates the business value of your product or service, online marketing is nearly impossible. Before you begin building your site, don’t skip the foundation, the critical stage of website characterization. An unprofessional characterization results in a mediocre website (at best) and an unusable website that is and brings no results (at worse). In both cases, you have spent time and money.

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

Whether you already have a site you’d like to improve its results, or you are shopping for a new site, we at Daze Marketing offer:

  • Site characterization that is based on a thorough online market research, including mapping competition.
  • Building a winning online marketing strategy, including managing main target markets and emphasizing the unique value added for each target market, which results in the optimization process.
  • Website optimization for mobile devices, including promoting the site on Google, so that your site appears in the first page of the results.
  • Focusing on conversion rate optimization, best user experience and clear call for action, offering you opportunities for quality lead generation.

Daze Website Optimization- Creating Smart Websites

As your online advertising agency, Daze Marketing is a one stop shop, providing all your online services (well, apart from connectivity, though we can help!). We perform the website characterization based on various factors, factors that are important to your business, currently and in the future, to help you build the website that will jump your business forward.


Defining Necessities and Needs

In order to optimally design a website, it is crucial to understand the business needs, its relevant market segments, and its unique value proposition in the market in which it operates. This process begins with a meeting in which the client and Daze Marketing experts sit together to analyze your current products and services, and the direction in which you envision your business is heading. We also analyze your current marketing processes, the market characteristics and your potential customers.

Market Research

Our next phase is thorough market analysis. We learn your competition, along with their marketing and advertising strategies, and then formulate your competitive advantage in comparison to the competition. This is the base for your online marketing strategy, centered around effectively delivering the message of your competitive advantage to the potential customers in your target audience.


Emphasizing User Experience

After we have define the realm in which you operate, we come to characterize the website. We emphasize a user experience design which encourages call for action, and users to remain in your website. We do so by using attractive and intuitive design, defining easy menus, and effectively locating call for action buttons and additional links (such as social media).

Website Optimization Design

The optimization is done using the highest standards for website promotion. Starting by implementing strict SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines for code building, through creating the website structure in the way most computable with online promotion. The optimization phase takes into account all promotion factors: website structure, tags, header definitions, link location and key words. Upon go live, we set the website with a Google Analytics account for monitoring, statistical analysis, and conversion rate optimization.


Optimization for Existing Websites

Do you have a website that is not to its full potential? The good news is you don’t have to completely re-do it; Daze Marketing offers a service of re-characterization and optimization of websites, where we create detailed guidelines for designers and programmers which can upgrade and turn a mediocre website to a winning one.


Do you plan to build a new website or wish to optimize your existing one? Contact us!