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Remarketing- Effective Marketing Helps Increase Conversion Rate

Are you spending a big chunk of your marketing budget on online marketing but not completely satisfied with the results? Do online marketing efforts bring traffic to your site, but not quality lead generation?


Generally, when most internet users are exposed to your product or service for the first time, they’re not ready to become customers, and perhaps not even leads. Relevant users may enter your site, without purchasing or leaving their information; sounds familiar?

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

The solution is to re-market, or as it’s called: Re-marketing. By collecting powerful data on your site visitors (Retargeting) and using the most advanced analytical tools, we will help you increase not just the quantity, but the quality, of your leads.


The Advantages of Using a Re-marketing Campaign

  • Turning site visitors into leads.
  • Additional exposure of your product to users, for deeper familiarization.
  • An effective enhancement of the product image.
  • Smarter marketing for a specific target audience.

What is the Secret behind a Remarketing Campaign?

Digital advertising offers endless access possibilities to various segments of your target audience, and re-marketing is the icing on the cake. Re-marketing campaign, even the simplest one, means an effective campaign that only addresses users who we know have expressed an interest in your product or service.


How do we know that? Online users arrive to your site or landing page from various sources: organically, from social networks marketing activity, from Google advertising campaigns, etc. We know these users have entered your site out of interest in your product or service, and hence are relevant, potential customers. But by and large, one visit to your site is not enough to convert them into customers. Hence, the goal of the re-marketing campaign is to compliment the marketing activity and provide “the final push” users need to become a lead, or a customer.

How does it Work?

When users enter the site or landing page, a pixel in the code of the website is activated, logging the visitors in a virtual temporary database, based on the browser’s cookies information. We use this database as the campaign’s database. Each logged visitor to the database will continue to see your ads in various locations over the net, until they convert or until the time frame had passed, as defined by the campaign manager.

Remarketing- Also on Social Networks

Most marketing managers associate re-marketing with Google AdWord advertising, but social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, also include display advertising which is based on retargeting. They offer access to quality, relevant user data, and accurate targeting of your potential customer base, all while engaging in social activity.


We highly recommend you become familiar with Facebook re-marketing tools. Nowadays, Facebook offers the option to run a re-marketing campaign, offering unique advantages combined with the other Facebook marketing advantages:

  • Re-marketing for potential customers where they virtually hang out on a daily basis is a huge advantage!
  • Re-marketing using email addresses or Facebook profiles.
  • Low PPC cost.

Advanced Marketing- Separating Market Segments Using Remarketing and Advanced Tools

Basic re-marketing campaign can certainly answer your needs, but you should also become familiar with some advanced options that can make a large difference. You can further focus your campaign by conducing additional targeting, and matching specific ads and products to specific market segments. For example, the campaign manager can distinguish the clicks that are generated from a specific campaign out of all users who enter the site, and only market the specific product or service advertised in the specific campaign that attracted the user to the site to begin with. If your website contains more than one product or service, you can segregate and track users who reach a specific page on your website, and only market products that are relevant to the product or service they were interested in. If your website contains more than one language, make sure to segregate the audience based on the language and only display ads in the relevant language.


You can also launch re-marketing campaigns on Google AdWords search network and not only on the media network, for example, matching ads with specials and promotions to attract the user to complete a purchase on your site versus competing sites. We at Daze Marketing offer you advanced services including focused re-marketing campaigns in prime locations on leading content sites, launched independently and without the need for direct media buying.


Similarly to the main re-marketing campaign, using advanced tools, you can also target your competitor’s target audience. We will target and display relevant ads to these users in Google AdWords based on mutual interests (Affinity Audience), offering incredible advantage over the competition.


This is just a sneak peek to the advanced options available; if you want to learn more on how you can significantly increase your conversion rates, contact us today!