Media Buying

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Media Buying- Not Just for Increasing Awareness, but also for Lead Generation!

Marketing managers are required to answer to many needs, including raising brand awareness, increasing exposure, and generating sufficient quality leads. The traditional thought is that media buying display advertising campaigns mostly answer the needs of branding and raising awareness, and less of lead generation. Well, wrongly so.

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

As an online marketing and online advertising agency that specialize in quality leads, we at Daze Marketing focus on campaigns that combine raising awareness and brand recognition with the strong emphasis on generating quality leads. We offer our clients a holistic solution, including building the marketing strategy prior to launching a campaign, buying media, and optimization, based on analyzing and improving the quality of the leads generated through the campaign.


As part of the campaign management, we conduct a thorough analysis and detailed measurement, evaluating the effectiveness of each banner and ad (creative). Those are measured not solely by the number of exposures, as in display advertising campaigns, but also by the lead conversion rate. In addition, our business network and cooperation with various media channels allow our clients not only to enjoy attractive pricing but also to enhance the campaign by obtaining extras and reinforcements at no extra costs.

Why Buy Media with Daze Marketing?

  • For our strategic vision– when launching an internet campaign, we begin by conducting a market research and competitor’s analysis and then, along with the client’s marketing manager, we build the right marketing strategy that effectively communicates the unique value proposition of the product or service. During this process, we find the optimal and most lucrative websites and platforms in terms of cost effectiveness, achieving focused exposure to your target audience.
  • For our retargeting capabilities- in each media campaign, we at Daze Marketing secure time and funds for remarketing, where we target users in your target audience who expressed interest but have not converted. We do so in a smart accurate manner, in terms of prime location and transmitting unique messages to your site’s various visitors.
  • For our comprehensive testing- for each campaign, we conduct multivariate testing or A/B testing, to help us reach conclusions that help shape a successful campaign. We examine landing pages, banners and various marketing messages.
  • For our excellent analytical capabilities– once the campaign airs and after we’ve accumulated sufficient data and some results, we analyze the findings and compare performance using advanced analytical tools; we then reach and implement conclusions on the spot, adjusting the campaign in real time, for the optimal use of campaign and the best results.
  • And above all, for being focused on quality leads– using testing and the results of data analysis, we conduct an optimization that is not based solely on exposure or click data, but predominately on the conversion rate and its quality. This is the most important component in analyzing the campaign performance, based on which we decide on improvement steps.

Global Media Buying- Generating Exposure and Leads in the International Markets

Online marketing may require purchasing media on international sites, mainly for global businesses. As a subsidiary of the international advertising company Say Media Group, we specialize in building campaigns geared for specific audiences in international markets, using geographic and local characteristics segmentation, based on the country. Using Say Media Group extensive media purchasing, we are able to offer our clients unique and rewarding access to the world’s leading advertising networks.


Digital Marketing Campaigns- Also for B2B businesses!

It’s common to think extensive media purchasing for display campaigns is mostly for B2C businesses, addressing a larger audience with various characteristics. But one mustn’t ignore the advantages of media purchasing as part of B2B marketing, for achieving quality focused exposure on sites with specific interests, as well as potentially increasing the lead database.


One of the most effective ways to buy media for campaigns focused on specific target audience is LinkedIn marketing; this large business network offers premium solutions allowing a prominent display of campaign messages. This is a great way to achieve effective B2B marketing that focuses on increasing exposure to the target audience and obtaining quality leads.


So whether you are B2B or B2C businesses, contact Daze Marketing, a media buying agency, for online media purchasing and building a successful campaign for achieving leads and exposure!