Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy – the Key to Digital Success

It’s reasonable to assume that by now, your brand is marketed online. This means you’ve invested money and hired someone to help you rank high in Google’s search results (SEO). You most probably ran at least one PPC campaign because hey, you might as well, but you haven’t quite figured out whether it had any effect at all.

You’ve created and designed a well thought out Facebook page and ever since hearing constant praises and success stories about LinkedIn, you made sure to save a few bucks for that channel as well, to test what it can do for you.


Despite all the effort, your marketing attempts have yet to show results. The reason, more often than not, is a missing marketing strategy. In the era of multi-channel marketing and the endless background noises, tailoring the right strategy for you is essential.

Our Work Process

Market research

Base a successful campaign on a clear understanding of market conditions and the brand’s competition

Diverse marketing techniques

Blend marketing channels and various content types to best achieve campaign goals

Tailoring successful campaigns

Perfect accurate targeting for specific UVPs (product/service distinction)

Data analysis

Reach real-time conclusions, by utilizing advanced analytical tools


Continuously improve campaign performance, utilizing actual data

Daze Marketing will help set clear marketing goals and pave the digital path to promise a smooth sailing process towards achieving them. Our experts know how to design comprehensive marketing strategies, comprised of current advertising and marketing channels best practices. We will become your online results-oriented marketing partner.


To Craft a Successful Marketing Strategy, our Marketing Team at Daze Will:

  • Map out market segments, define the target audience and personas, and tailor the product to them.
  • Conduct a website audit, focusing on conversion capability and performance, as well as UX.
  • Perform in-depth competition research.
  • Apply precise messaging and product differentiation to drive customer action.
  • Implement impactful marketing strategies through selected channels.
  • Perform ongoing comprehensive analysis and data-based optimizations throughout the marketing process.

The Strategic Basis – STP

STP stands for the three preliminary steps to craft a winning marketing strategy and yield sales: Segmentation, audience Targeting, and product Positioning.


Daze’s digital marketing team will conduct in-depth market research along with the brand and map out the brand’s competition. This process includes a comprehensive meeting and detailed interviews of the company’s key corporate executives, which will ultimately help decode the optimal target audience – whether it will be a potential consumer segment in case of a primarily B2C product and specifically with certain positions in relevant B2B marketing industries.


After thorough research, it will be time to start building the strategy, using STP element. We will first segment our market according to the different prospects and identify highly relevant audiences, positioned at industry focal points.


We will then refine the selection to target the fairly lucrative and appealing segments – using parameters defined by the client and found during the research stage. Daze’s content experts will tailor the most effective marketing messaging to your specific needs.


To complete the marketing strategy fundamentals, our experts will position your brand with the most impactful marketing messages fit for the defined target audience.

Highlighting Your Value

The most important component of a marketing strategy is to underscore the product’s key value propositions to the clients. At Daze Marketing, we work with brands to determine the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that makes their service or product stand out. The UVP is key to crafting a message that resonates with your prospects. This will establish how and why the product stands out among its competitors. For each client at Daze, we examine closely just how well their website conveys the UVP to its visitors, what distinguishes their product from the others, as well as how it triggers customer actions – whether generating them as leads, driving them to purchase or receive free content.

Diversifying Marketing and Selecting Compatible Channels

The key to a successful campaign is forming the perfect blend of marketing channels to suit your target audience – choosing the channels capable of delivering optimal results. Our teams use their expertise and long-standing experience to develop target settings, plan a timeframe to achieve measurable results, enhance sales teams’ ability to handle leads, structure a budget and much more.


Devising a Variety of Marketing Channels to Fit Your Needs, Including:

  • HubSpot and other marketing automation tools
  • SEO
  • Sponsored campaigns (PPC)
  • Digital advertising and website media buying
  • Retargeting tools
  • Marketing on social media and choosing the most suitable among them
  • Content marketing


“In many cases, marketing executives would contact us meaning to hire one service, but after drawing up the marketing strategy along with them, we’ll decide on a different channel than what they had in mind to begin with” says Gali Soudak, CEO of Daze Marketing. “For instance, a cloud computing client, the classic B2B customer, expressed interest in organic search via Google. However, after crafting a strategy, the client came to realize that LinkedIn should become the main channel where the marketing efforts should be invested”. 

Optimization and Rethinking the Strategy

An integral part of the marketing strategy comes after the campaigns are already ive, and actually – never stops thereafter – constant improvements. Data-based updates and adjustments are carried out whenever needed, based on accumulated data analysis. To optimize the campaign and achieve high-quality results, we will change and adapt messages from time to time, as well as take actions to improve ranking, reevaluate targeting and more.


Daze’s optimization is focused on the quality of leads, rather than quantity. By understanding what measurable metrics should be upheld and depending on how the client’s sales unit conducts the handling of leads. This data has the power to effectively assist in reassessing an entire marketing process, including the handoff to sales.


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