LinkedIn Workshop

באנר הרצאות

LinkedIn Workshop for Marketing Managers

B2B marketing requires a different marketing approach than B2C marketing; a more complex sale cycle, with results measuring over a longer time frame, where personal relationship and networking capabilities are much more important. This requires a different online marketing strategy. LinkedIn marketing is aimed to strengthen your networking and create engagement, which can translate into quality leads.

Gali Soudak, Daze Marketing CEO, an expert in international marketing in B2B setting, has conducted dozens of workshops to exporters, industry leaders and marketing managers, including The Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute and The Manufacturing Association of Israel. Gali Soudak will present you with smart marketing tools and techniques for LinkedIn, the world’s largest business network, for effective LinkedIn marketing.


This LinkedIn workshop was professional, and answered all my expectations. We learned how to improve our personal and business profile to achieve greatest exposure. We also learned about keywords, advanced searches, data division and other topics related to LinkedIn advertising. I believe what we have learned is effective, practical knowledge for Medic Sense.

Adi Itzkovitz, Medic Sense CEO


Gali Soudak of Daze Marketing has been leading beginners and advanced B2B marketing workshops using LinkedIn at the Center for Export Studies and International Commerce at the Israeli Export Institute. All participants received powerful tools for working with LinkedIn and were all extremely satisfied. I would like to express my gratitude towards Gali Soudak and Daze Marketing for the fruitful and professional cooperation.

Hana Barzilai, CEO of The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

LinkedIn Workshop Topics:


  • How to create a reputable personal profile on LinkedIn: highlights for profile management, optimization and promoting on search results, uploading content and personal branding as an authority establishing tool within online behavior codes.
  • How to build your business reputation: opening a company page on LinkedIn, rules for managing content, social selling training, increasing the follower base and leveraging the business page to create engagement among the page followers.
  • How to create and maintain quality networking: increasing your network on LinkedIn, tracking relevant decision makers, using the right lingo and upgrading the relationship from online to offline.
  • How to build a paid LinkedIn marketing campaign that brings results: building audience and accurate targeting, raising awareness, Multivariate Testing, measuring and optimization.

Workshop duration: 5 hours


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