Linkedin Advertising

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Linkedin ads: The most effective advertising campaigns for B2B audience

Advertising on Linkedin offers you a chance to target your most desired B2B audience, especially decision makers, and generate premium leads.

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

Generate quality leads using Linkedin advertising

What are some tips for successful Linkedin advertising?

  • Segment your audience first, then target each segment separately
  • Hard sell doesn’t work – try softer tactics and provide value before an offer
  • Be direct and specific in your messaging
  • Measure and optimize constantly


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Linkedin advertising

Linkedin, the world’s biggest business network with over 300 million users, is one of the most effective advertising platform for generating quality leads.


When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, you need to first segment your audience by demographics, locations, title, industries, company size, skills and Linkedin groups.


Next, design the unique value for each audience segment, and tailor a marketing message for each. Here is an example of how we approach different audience segments with specific messaging:

– VPs of Sales or Head of Sales – I will train your sales force to target potential clients, contact them and build a business relationships with them.

– VP’s of Marketing or Directors of Marketing – I will build and manage a smart online marketing campaign, which will generate high quality leads.

– VPs of Business Development- Do you want to expand to international markets? I will build a strategic plan to get you there – and execute it!

Looking to advertise on Linkedin? A few guidelines to remember

  • Target the appropriate audience: You can create the best ads in the world, but if you did not define well enough who is your audience, it will not work.
  • Ensure your audience segmentation is accurate, and target them by aligning the right message to each audience.
  • Hard sell doesn’t work: People do not go to Linkedin to buy. Build a unique value proposition that speaks to your audience, and only then start the selling process.
  • Be direct and specific in your messaging: Linkedin ads are extremely short, so you have to be precise in your offering. Don’t forget a strong and clear call-to-action.
  • Measure and optimize constantly: For conversion rate optimization best practices, monitor your ads constantly and use A/B testing.
  • It is better to build many smaller, audience-specific campaigns, rather than one general campaign geared at a larger audience
  • Use remarketing tactics for those who did not convert

Setting up your Linkedin ads campaign

You start by clicking on the Advertising link at the bottom navigation in Linkedin.


Clicking on this link will lead you to campaign setup, where you create your ads and define your target audience.


Next you will need to pick a campaign name and language, define your target url, whether a landing page, a company page, or any website page. Then, you would need to pick a title, and add a copy and an image to accompany your ad. We recommend you test your ads using A/B testing.


The next step would be to define target audience for your campaign. You’ll be able to pick from a couple of options:


You have the option to target using different variables like geography, company name and industry, role and many more.


You need to put some thought into how you define your audience targeting parameters. We recommend trying a few different campaign variations, and monitor to see what brings you best results – and continue optimize from there.


Linkedin advertising is just one way of various Linkedin marketing techniques. If you are interested in learning more, visit Linkedin strategy, Linkedin company profile and Linkedin profile.