Google Analytics Workshop

באנר הרצאות

Google Analytics Workshop for Marketing Managers

The Google Analytics workshop led by Daze Marketing Project Managers will instill marketing managers the knowledge and capabilities to focus and analyze potential and existing customers’ behavior. Moreover, it instills the knowledge to make educated marketing decisions that make a difference. Unlike many marketing workshops, this practical workshop will help you implement a winning marketing strategy!

Knowledge is power! Your website contains a lot of information which can give the marketing manager the power to:


  • Reach business and marketing insights by analyzing users’ behavior.
  • Measure the ROI of each of the marketing channels.
  • Extract quality information in a way tailored to the marketing manager needs.
  • Conduct practical decisions based on data and not intuition.


Which pages receive more views than others? Are there particular pages which make the user leave the site quicker? Are there pages which drive users to actions, such as leaving their information or completing a purchase? These are not just anecdotes of website analysis, but tools through which you can obtain information.


This workshop will instill marketing managers with the quality knowledge base to comprehend the important concepts of Google analytics. Moreover, it will help translating the “dry data” into useful online marketing and online advertising insights, realizing the actual outcomes of your marketing efforts, and making decisions to constantly improve those outcomes.


Selected Topics of Google Analytics Workshop for Marketing Managers:

  • Basic familiarization with Google Analytics and profile.
  • Defining goals, events and funnels in your site for measuring actions.
  • Analyzing users’ behavior for effective decision making in website promotion (SEO).
  • Recognizing traffic and lead sources.
  • Using analytics for Google advertising, creating remarketing lists and separating between campaigns.
  • Building advanced reports tailored to the marketing manager’s needs.

Workshop duration: 5 hours


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