Facebook Marketing

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Facebook marketing: Reach your customers where they are

Your customers may not expect a hard sell on Facebook, but they are definitely there, interacting with friends and brands, and getting new information. If they are there – so should your business be.

Our Methodology

Market Research

The key to success: Thorough market & competitor analysis

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals

Campaign Building

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP)

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality

Facebook: the #1 social network is also a top marketing playground

What can Facebook do for your marketing?

  • Gain awareness and visibility
  • Connect you with your customers and potential customers
  • Help you reach new audiences through relevant content and offers


Facebook is yet one of several online marketing channels to use for your B2B marketing. We recommend you go to search engine optimization, online advertising, and twitter advertising, to read more.

Facebook marketing for your business: the numbers tell it all

There are now over 1.28 billion people and 30 million brands using Facebook each quarter. Despite a more competitive landscape for business, Facebook outperformed market expectations.


Here are some Facebook numbers that reveal Facebook’s leading in role in B2B marketing:

  • 30 million businesses now have a Facebook Fan Page.
  • 19 million businesses have optimized their Fan Page for mobile.
  • Businesses are paying 122% more per ad unit on Facebook than they did just a year ago
  • 5 million businesses now spend money on Facebook ads
  • 399 million Facebook users only use Facebook on mobile each month.
  • 829 million people use Facebook on a daily basis, an increase from 802 million last quarter
  • The average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day on the platform
  • 12 billion messages are sent per day through Facebook
  • Twice as many people now watch videos on Facebook in their feed compared to just six months ago.

Facebook marketing basics: It’s not about the number of Likes

Why create a Facebook business page? Because it helps your business become –

  • Visible: When people search for you on Facebook, they’ll be able to find you.
  • Connected: Have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who can like your Page, read your posts and share them with friends, and check in when they visit.
  • Updated: Your Page can help you reach large groups of people frequently, with messages tailored to their needs and interests.
  • Insightful: Analytics on your Page will give you a deeper understanding of your customers and your marketing activities.


Not only can you reach more people through Facebook, you can reach the specific people who are most likely to become your customers. Remember: it’s not about the number of likes. It’s more important to genuinely connect with the people you engage with on Facebook. If you do, they’ll help tell your story.


Note that your Facebook marketing must be integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and supplement your other channels. Each channel has its strength and its place in your marketing funnel.

Your Facebook Business page: Tips to make it more effective

It’s no longer a “good idea” for most businesses to be on Facebook. With 829 million people actively using Facebook every day, it’s become a go-to component of almost any marketing strategy. Setting up your Facebook Business page is quite easy – simply go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and follow the instructions.


Check out the tips below on how to create not just an average Facebook page – but one that delivers results:

1) Pick the right Profile Picture: You want a profile picture that’s easily recognizable by your potential Fans. That could be anything from a company logo for a big brand to a headshot of yourself. Being recognizable is important to getting found and liked.


2) Choose an engaging Cover Photo: Next, you need to pick a Cover Photo that’ll blow your current and potential Fans out of the water. Since it gets the most space above the fold on your Facebook Page, make sure you’re choosing one that’ll be pleasing to their eyes — and maybe even make them stay longer on your Facebook Page.


3) Optimize your Profile Picture and Cover Photo with links: Depending on your goals with Facebook, you should think about including links to your website in your Profile Picture and Cover Photo. Whether it’s to a blog post, a piece of lead-gen content, or just an “about us” page, links are opportunities for interested folks to get to know your company. The descriptions of your Profile Picture and Cover Photo are prime real estate for those links, as they’d be front and center on your page.


4) Fill out your About section with basic information: Amidst the visual skills you’ve been honing in the previous steps, don’t forget about one of the most important sections of all: Your About section. It sits right under your profile picture on the left side — one of the first places people will look if they’re scanning your page.


So be sure to get people’s attention with short yet descriptive copy — by doing so, new Fans will know exactly what your page is about before they like you.

Marketing on Facebook: Facebook Business page is evolving

Facebook constantly changes how Facebook Business page works. Anyone who markets on Facebook, should be aware of the upcoming changes. As of January 2015 Facebook will be prohibiting overly promotional updates by Business Pages from Friends’ News Feeds.


As Facebook outlined in a recent blog, the types of posts that will receive the cold shoulder include:

  • Updates that solely try to get people to buy a product or install an app.
  • Updates that promote contests/sweepstakes with no context.
  • Updates that use the same content used in a paid ad.


Their blog post goes on to define how businesses should be using Facebook, recommending that: “Businesses should think about their Page as a cornerstone of their online identity, not simply as a publishing service.” (Source: Facebook News)


While Facebook may be limiting the “free marketing” piece with non-promotional Updates, they are increasing their investment in the importance of the Business Page on Facebook.  Given the nearly billion visitors to Pages recently, Facebook is exploring ways to build more features into the Business Page, including better customization and enhanced interaction features with Friends of the Page.


What can you learn from these changes? That content is king. Use content that is relevant and useful to your customers and potential customers. Engage in conversations that help you learn what interests them, and always provide value.

Facebook advertising: How to start

Facebook advertising is an excellent supplement to your organic Facebook marketing. Today, it is difficult to get all the exposure you need just with your Business Page posts. Facebook advertising lets you reach your desired demographics through casting a much wider net.


There are different formats of advertising on Facebook:

    • Adverts: Adverts are Facebook ads for desktop and mobile. When your adverts have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your advert, making it more powerful. When you boost your Page posts or expand the audience for your adverts, more people will see them when they visit Facebook. Adverts are great for gaining wider awareness, targeting specific people, brand awareness, and sales generation.


    • Boosted posts: For as little as $5, you can boost a post so that more people will see it when they visit Facebook. Just click on “Boost Post” when you create the post, or once it’s on your Page. Boosted posts are highly effective tools for campaigns, offers and news.


    • Facebook offers: Facebook Offers are posts about a special discount or promotion that people can claim and bring into a store. When an Offer advert is shown to people on Facebook, they can click the Get Offer button to claim it. People have the option to share offers with their friends, which means you’ll reach more people. When you boost your offer, you can set your budget and the target audience for it. Track the success of your offers by seeing how many people claim them and come into your shop. You can even create a barcode for your offer so that it’s easy to scan and keep track of sales