Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising- Achieving More from the World’s Largest Social Media Network

You have a beautiful Facebook page, with a great cover photo; you’ve invested in writing impressive posts and generated a worthy number of likes to your page. But despite all this, you see no bottom line results. Sounds familiar?


Paid advertising on Facebook should be part of your online marketing strategy. Updating your Facebook page using quality content posts, marketing posts, and sharing pages of similar interests, are part of Facebook advertising best practices. But success takes more than using the organic, free options Facebook offers in order to ensure optimal reach to our target audience, you have to use paid advertising.

Our Work Process

Market Research

Thorough analysis of market conditions and competitors is the base of a successful campaign.

Marketing Mix

Choosing the most effective marketing channels for reaching the campaign goals.

Building a Successful Campaign

Precise targeting and emphasizing the unique value proposition (UVP).

Data Analysis

Advanced use of analytical tools promoting real time conclusions.


Constantly improving the campaign based on the lead quality.

Managing paid campaigns on Facebook is one of the fastest, effective and efficient methods of online advertising. Using Facebook marketing tools, you can easily target your selected audience, reach a high conversion rate and effectively execute tests and optimization to improve the campaign’s results in the long term.


We at Daze Marketing know how to create and implement the right kind of Facebook advertising that is tailored to your needs, and the preferences of your customers. As part of our activity, we will build you a Facebook marketing campaign that will:


  • Focus on the target audience that really matters to your business, based on accurate segmentation and marketing research.
  • Help you create conversation and increase engagement around your brand, hence raising awareness.
  • Continuously remain at top efficiency, a direct result of our ongoing optimization and A/B testing.
  • Be economically effective and help you increase your ROI.
  • Increase the quantity, and with time, the quality of your leads.

The Key to Successful Online Advertising: Thorough Market Research and Defining the Target Audience

The first step to a successful online advertising campaign begins with understanding your customers. What are their interests, where do they hangout on Facebook, and what do they click on and engage in. At Daze Marketing, prior to setting up the campaign, we lead you through a thorough market and competitor research, so that we can effectively target your target audience on Facebook.


One of the greatest advantages in advertising on Facebook is that “Facebook remembers it all.” All the activities we as users conduct in the social media network: reading news, searches, shopping and comparing prices, strengthening ties and uploading pictures, all this and more is stored in a tremendous database, containing information on the preferences and behavior of millions of people, and offering incredibly effective advertising. Using this information and Facebook marketing capabilities, we’ll design the best ads for your target audience.

Strong Creative: Addressing the Audience in Its Language

One of the greatest challenges of internet marketing is operating with plenty “background noises” and this is especially true on Facebook. Users face many stimuli on their news feed: pictures, links, articles and social interactions. Thus it is important to know how to attract the users to your messages and clearly communicate your added value. We will help you find the best media for your message, selecting text and ads (creatives) that will stand out and emphasize your added value, and translate into clicks and conversions.


We at Daze Marketing define a unique message for each of the campaign’s audiences; a message that emphasizes the main value of the product or service for that specific audience, and addresses them in a way that encourages the completion of desired actions, as defined in the campaign’s goals. We achieve that by clear segmentation, understanding the audience we market to, and how we can most effectively communicate the message, in a language that is attractive to the user and suitable for the social media. During the campaign we conduct quality tests, including Multivariate Testing on the structure of the audience, awareness, landing pages and all the campaign components, as part of our ongoing optimization efforts to improve the campaign’s results.

Remarketing on Facebook- No One Gets Lost!

Whether the campaign goal is increasing awareness, generating traffic, filling a form or shopping online, we leave no one behind! Using a pixel we plant in your site, we can “chase” users who clicked on your ad, entered your site, but did not complete the desired action. This method of performing targeted remarketing increases the odds for users who have expressed interest in your product or service to become leads during their social activity. We at Daze Marketing include Facebook remarketing services as part of our remarketing offering, even for clients who advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter or other online platforms.


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