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Daze Marketing- Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency

 In the digital era, marketing managers face the challenge of presenting results of various fields to the organization’s management. These results portray the progress of distinct marketing efforts, aimed to achieve various goals, such as exposure, increasing brand awareness, and lead generation. Many marketing managers choose to divide their efforts, focusing separately on campaigns for brand awareness on the one hand, and lead generation on the other.


At Daze Marketing, you’ll find the pioneer approach of a digital marketing agency that focuses on increasing brand awareness and generating quality leads of your marketing campaign, through constant optimization of the campaign until reaching its goals.


That’s because unlike most marketing agencies, at Daze Marketing:

  • Our focus is on generating quality leads, creating profitable campaigns for our clients.
  • We are a one stop shop for online marketing services- with a team of skilled and experienced programmers, designers, campaign managers and analysts, we are your digital action partner.
  • We have vast experience with global clients of various industries, in both B2B and B2C marketing.
  • We specialize in advanced utilization of measuring tools, such as Google Analytics, allowing us to gain immediate knowledge of the effects of every step along the campaign, based on which we conduct quality optimization.
  • Our services are tailor made– as our client, you will receive a custom made solution, based on your specific needs; from the initial research and digital marketing strategy planning phase, through goal setting and choosing the right channels to achieve these goals, and ongoing campaign management and progress.

A-Z Digital Advertising

Partnering with Daze Marketing offers you personalized online marketing services: from the initiation phase, in which we conduct a full market research, upon its results we develop the online marketing strategy, through the design and implementation of campaigns in the most appropriate channels, while continuously measuring and evaluating, to ensure your marketing goals are met.


At Daze Marketing, each client is assigned an account manager, accompanying you as the client from the initial stage to the ongoing optimization, while being devoted to your success. The account manager provides all the details and information needed and requested, to ensure full transparency, and instilling the client with the knowledge relevant for their success.


Our services also include ongoing reports and analysis, detailing the progress of the campaign, while focusing on recommendations and action plan for campaign optimization.

What does a lead-focused media campaign entail?

We at Daze Marketing conduct targeted internet and display advertising, tailored to your unique marketing needs; what differentiates us from most advertising companies is that we:

  • Focus not only on creating exposure and lead generation, but also on constantly improving the leads. We utilize your CRM system, in which we define a different source for the new channel, and use it to analyze the campaign performance based on the lead source and quality.
  • Conduct media buying in lucrative prices, creating targeted exposure that is tailored to the target audience and the goals of the campaign.
  • Conduct multivariate testing of various landing pages throughout the campaign, until reaching the desired goals.
  • Lead in advance usage of Google Analytics data, through which we compare the performance of banner size, location, and various ads (copywriting). Using advanced analyzing skills, we are able to present conclusions short time after airing the campaign, and implement necessary changes to optimize the campaign’s budget.
  • Utilize advanced tools; through a centralized system, we are able to use targeted advertising in prime locations independently. This allows Daze Marketing to have full control over the campaign optimization, to provide price offers, and to change ads in real time, without the use of an account manager of the publishing sites.
  • Conduct smart and accurate retargeting, while focusing on attractive locations. During the marketing process to users that have yet to convert, we conduct traffic sources segmentation, continuously adapting the ads and content to each segment.
  • Specialize in media campaigns in the global market- as a sub-division of the parent company Say Media Group, we enjoy the access to the largest, most robust advertising networks worldwide.


Daze Marketing is your leading digital marketing agency. Contact us to launch a media campaign targeted at exposure and lead generation.